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School times :

8.25 am : school doors open

8.40 am : school doors close 

8.45 am : lessons start

4.00 pm : end of lessons (12.00pm on Wednesdays)

Pupils have a 30 min playtime per half day.

There are two lunch services at midday :

11.30 am : Pupils from Nursery until Year 1 have lunch (1st service).

12.00 am : Pupils from Year 2 until Year 6 have lunch (2nd service).

After their lunch Nursery pupils have a nap time when the other pupils enjoy a quiet moment and then a long playtime (45 min).

Lessons start again at 1.30 pm for all year groups.

Discover our bilingual curriculum

SIS-LPEBL KT specific routine schedule :

  • Ballet lessons (on Mondays)

  • Coding (on Thursdays)

  • Kung Fu (on Wednesdays)

  • Story time after lunch (in English or in French depending on the day)

  • School assembly (1st Friday of the month)

How we teach in both languages

For each year group, we alternate the language in which we teach every half day (please see the illustrative table below).

Exemple EDT.png
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